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Ideal Weight (Kg)
Healthy Weight Range - (Kg)
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Level of physical activity ND

Slimming Tips: To lose 450 to 650 grams per week, daily calorie intake should be reduced between 500 and 750 calories. (American Heart Association)

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Title Recommended daily intake
Carbohydrates ND - ND (Gram)
Sugar ND (Gram)
Fiber ND (Gram)
Protein ND (Gram)
Fat ND - ND (Gram)
Cholesterol ND (Miligram)
Saturated Fat
ND - ND (Gram)
Ttrans Fat ND (Gram)
Polyunsaturated Fats
ND (Gram)
Monounsaturated Fats
ND (Gram)
Linoleic Acid ND (Gram)
Alpha Linolenic Acid ND (Gram)
Water ND (Litre)
Caffeine ND (Miligram)
Vitamin Recommended daily intake Vitamin permissible_daily_consumption_limit
Vitamin A (Microgram) Vitamin A UL (Microgram)
Vitamin C (Miligram) Vitamin C UL (Miligram)
Vitamin D (Microgram) Vitamin D UL (Microgram)
Vitamin B6 (Miligram) Vitamin B6 UL (Miligram)
Vitamin E (Miligram) Vitamin E UL (Miligram)
Vitamin K (Microgram) Vitamin K UL (Microgram)
Thiamin (Miligram) Thiamin UL (Miligram)
Vitamin B12 (Microgram) Vitamin B12 UL (Microgram)
Riboflavin (Miligram) Riboflavin UL (Miligram)
Folate (Microgram) Folate UL (Microgram)
Niacin (Miligram) Niacin UL (Miligram)
Choline (Gram) Choline UL (Gram)
Pantothenic acid (Miligram) Pantothenic_Acid UL (Miligram)
Biotin (Microgram) Biotin UL (Microgram)
Carotenoids Carotenoids UL
Name of the material Recommended daily intake Name of the material permissible_daily_consumption_limit
Calcium (Miligram) Calcium UL (Miligram)
Chloride (Gram) Chloride UL (Gram)
Chromium (Microgram) Chromium UL (Microgram)
Copper (Microgram) Copper UL (Microgram)
Fluoride (Miligram) Fluoride UL (Miligram)
Iodine (Microgram) Iodine UL (Microgram)
Iron (Miligram) Iron UL (Miligram)
Magnesium (Miligram) Magnesium UL (Miligram)
Manganese (Miligram) Manganese UL (Miligram)
Molybdenum (Microgram) Molybdenum UL (Microgram)
Phosphorus (Gram) Phosphorus UL (Gram)
Potassium (Miligram) Potassium UL (Miligram)
Selenium (Microgram) Selenium UL (Microgram)
Sodium (Miligram) Sodium UL (Miligram)
Zinc (Miligram) Zinc UL (Miligram)

Daily diet plans according to USDA 2025-2020 guidelines

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